Simon Archambault

It had being raining non-stop for about 2 weeks in Pemberton when Lucas proposed that we MFs should be headed to California to fly our paragliders. The next day we were crossing the US border. I remember being asked by the mean looking custom agent about Mr. Dave McCord. I had no idea who that was… but I quickly figured out that Lucas simply had never told me that his name wasn’t Lucas but Dave!! We rolled thru the night smoking cigarettes and bought a 6 packs of delicious cold ones in Big Sur to keep us up and alert on the winding road along the coast to San Diego. The last time I had the chance to sit in the grass with Lucas this summer he insisted on giving me his custom made ”Evolution gone wrong” monkey T-shirt. I’m sure it contains very precious pheromones because girls seem very attracted to this particular T-shirt.
Unlike very few people, Grampa Dave had no need to make plans to get on a adventure. He was fantastic company and attracted beautiful souls along his path. He shared his passion for life to his numerous friends and will live in the heart of many for a very long time. Your lifestyle and your energy are an exquisite example of freedom and an inspiration of happiness and true enjoyment of our time on this earth, and in this sky.
Fly high Old Goat.