We’re still waiting for him to parachute into the yard, grinning, as the finale to an elaborate joke.

We met because his wife and my wife were in a band together. He was the band’s main supporter and generous benefactor. A musician myself, I got involved and spent alot of time with him. I immediately respected and admired him. Soon, I joined his small crew and built many Solstar homes. We grew closer and I became increasingly intrigued by this man. Pretty heavy dude.
I could tell many great stories about Dave (and I do), but what struck me as I thought about his influence on my life were the connections made through him. Influential acquaintances, interesting characters, and many life-long friends.

I’ve got dozens of great stories about Camille, and Mike, and Dougy Jackson; “Little Luke”, Bob Hobson and the Mountain crew, Kath and Lucky Ron, and many others. Unforgettable and cherished stories, all with folks I met through Dave.
In my house, we call him GFL, Godfather Luke, as my son Jude is his godson.
I could go on and on, which is tempting, or wrap it up.

Dave, we’re lucky to have met you, enjoyed life with you, and learned with you.
Thanks, brother.