Stefan Miller

Lucas breezed into our Pemberton lives. Warmed our hearts. Shook us up. Regaled us with stories and scared us with some of his flying antics. No one should lose bits of their wing to a tree, in flight.
It was two years before i found out his real name was Dave. Never did get a clear answer as to why we had been calling him Lucas.
I can see the twinkle in his eye after he had sneakily given my three year old daughter a few blocks of chocolate. “Aaargh lucas I’m supposed to be putting her to sleep In half an hour” ” That’s what’s great about being a grand parent ha ha” Is what he’d say with a mischievous smirk and a big bear hug for my daughter. Who now was in love with this man who exuded love and chocolate.
The last time i saw Grandpa Dave was on the LZ. Handing me a beer and telling me all about his latest flight. And the adventures he’d been having in Iceland.
The world is a colder sadder place without you MF.