My sweet sweet gentleman Dave. I am fully aware that my version of Dave wasn´t the only version but that didn´t make it any less true. I miss how he made life funnier and better. How he for example said thank you to Gussi (for the whiskey drop out from his plane) because some things can only be expressed with your naked ass up into the air. I love how there were always comunicasion between us even with no words spoken, silent jokes and smile in his eyes. I love how the fight between Dave and the blond terrorist (my 10y old daughter) kept on after the long winter brake. He came fully armed with two water pisstols, she had a bowl full with water ballons ready behind the fence…the fence he helped building around the cozy corner. I love all our evenings when we sat by the “kamína” (fire stove), cooking dinner, somewere between 6pm and midnight, depending on the flying weather. Maybe having one (or two) non virgin hot chocolate after dinner. I love how he always waited for me on take off if I needed help. He helped me practise my forward take offs, he was there when I broke my rib, helped me on my feet again, packed my wing, taken it to the car for me, not saying one word that because of my stupidity he wasn´t able to fly, always my sweet gentleman. One evening last week we had all started eating outside at the cozy corner so I went inside to check what was keeping him and Addý (Addý = the blond terrorist). And there they sat by the kitchen table playing chess, with his music on of course. It was so nice (even with the box of cigaretts on the table) that I took some photos. He won, there was suposed to be a rematch soon. My condolences to his family that he loved so much and to all his friends around the world.