Peyman Imani

Grampa, you are a free and kind spirit who inspired many people. I told you on several occasions that I would like to follow your example and be as detached as you one day. You told me that the most precious things you have in your life are family and the relationships you have built all over the world. It’s quite evident with all the stories pouring in. I was fortunate to go on two trips with you. In Chile, there was drinking involved every night. One night, a mutual friend of ours was pondering life and asking about the purpose for his life. I suggested to him that his purpose is to be the best Dad he can be to his children. You were standing behind me and immediately grabbed my face and kissed me on the cheek. You expressed your satisfaction with affection and love. I was shocked but not dismayed. You touched so many people’s lives and I will always remeber your way of life and try and follow in your footsteps.