Nicola Jones

My daughter, Freya (5), has never met her dad’s dad, Grandpa Mike, in real life (only on skype). For a long time she was convinced that our neighbour Grampa Dave was surely HER grampa. Who could blame her? He had the right beard (at the time), a constant supply of sweets in his pocket, a desire to secretly fill her with chocolate, and a twinkle in his eye. He was either Santa or her Grampa. I was in support of her decision.

I didn’t know Lucas / Grampa Dave well… I only wish I had the time to know him better.

Paragliding is a dangerous sport. But one that makes people feel truly alive. I understand, and regret, and wish, and hope, all at the same time.

Nicola (a neighbour, and wife to a fellow paraglider).