The world is a little duller now, it will never be the same without you. But, us – all of the lives that you touched, this global community – we can try and make it brighter in the way we live, love and squeeze every last drop of fun out of life.
That’s the way you lived your life. It has been so bittersweet to hear all of these stories – perfectly underscoring what a remarkably awesome MF you really are. It’s clichéd to say (but I’m gonna anyway) I know that will live on in Meag, the gorgeous soul you and Dagmar gave to the world – I see your hand in her writing, the glint in her eye when she’s being cheeky and the way she loves with her whole damn heart. I feel for Mikey, what an amazing thing to have you for a father-in-law! My heart hurts for him too. I know that your spirit will live on in Isabel and Rhys – creative, kind, clever and adventurous.

I feel very lucky for the time we all spent together in Mountain and in Hermanus. What is most dear to me though was the drive from the Breede back to Hermanus – you told me about your epic travels as a youngin, to which I replied, awestruck, that these tales would make an amazing novel. You just grinned and looked at me sideways, saying “Well … it would be kind of hard to capture the magic”. I realized that that kind of magic – your kind of magic – cannot really be contained in words.

So as sad as I am to say goodbye and as heartbroken as I am for the World to lose you, I am equally motivated to make sure your legacy lives on … it’s a sentiment I’ve heard echoed around the world from your fam and friends in the last few days: “Why does it take so much hurt to engage in a way of life we should practicing daily”? (Thank you to Tanya C) Let’s all channel some GPD magic into our daily lives and then he will never truly be gone. Yebo!