Jacqualyn Pichette

This year at the Canadian Nationals I caught a ride with Grandpa Dave and he took the long way with multiple stops to our destination. Seems he had errands to run and wasn’t in any rush at all! I was, things needed to be done! It was Wednesday and it was BBQ night at the Miller’s. 15 min drive at best. Probably 2 hours later and several inquiring calls we show up with our load of supplies.
Several best parts to our misadventure…
1) I received some of the best advice about life in less time than a therapy session.
2) Made two choices that have changed me since that day
3) Spent Time with one of the sweetest souls to grace this earth.
I never spent one minute alone with Grandpa Dave before then. I didn’t know him well. I was panicking about spreading my parents ashes in Pemberton before that time with him. My grief was beginning to eat me up. Thanks in large Part to Grandpa Dave. Sounds like many have been given some wisdom from him.