Gísli Steinar Jóhannesson

So, this summer I have been living in a tent next to Dave, which is awesome. The only problem is that I can’t lock my tent so if I am asleep anyone can come and wake me up at any time. One morning the mf came calling “Giss”, because he was out of ciggies. (not the first time) and woke me up before 7. I so did not want to wake up and was so fucking annoyed. I told him that he can just find them and fuck off. A few minutes later he was still looking for the ciggies without progress so I got up not so happy and the first thing I saw was my ciggies and Grampa standing next to them not seeing them. I said something like “WTF Dave, they are right there in front of you mf”, he just smiled and said thank you with no apologies about waking me up. As I was up already, I went outside with him to have one as it was a quiet sunny morning and we sat there and smoked without talking for 15 minutes, just facing the sun and feeling the breeze. I took a picture of the mf. Then I got up to go back to sleep again with the feeling that it was a good talk we had without words.