Ásdís Ásgeirsdóttir

My memory of Grampa Dave

I met Grampa Dave one weekend earlier this summer. I had heard about him through my friend Gísli and thought he would be interesting to interview for the newspaper Morgunblaðið, the Sunday edition. We had a coffee and he told me his story and about his passion for paragliding, about living a simple life without too much stuff, about his daughter and beautiful grandchildren that he cherished. I liked him instantly. The next day I stopped by again, this time to fly with Gísli and Grampa Dave came along. It was my first flight and Grampa Dave stood by and told me it would change my life. He was an original man, and the interview ended up on the front page. People loved to read about him! Maybe that is just the kind of guy he was, people wish they were a little more like him, following a dream, living life to the fullest, like he chose to do. I was so sorry to hear the news, Grampa Dave died doing what he loved the most. He just left way too soon. You just keep on flying now, Grampa Dave. My condolences I send to his loved ones and friends.