Bea Escolar

I’ll miss this awesome, Canadian MF.

What can I say? Like everyone who knew you… I’ll miss you. I met you last year. I’ve been your waffle/coffee/trout provider at Nordur Vík for two summers now. I’ll miss you high-fiving me on my hike up Reynisfjall as you drove up in your car. I’ll miss you coming into the hostel kitchen for the freshest coffee and waffles. Every morning we would have a small chat. It could be about the last tunes you sent me, your plans for the day or “the fucking weather” (when it was raining, of course, which is like 80% of the time in Vík). You were always full of amazing stories but at the same time, you also liked to listen to other people’s adventures. I sometimes watched you from the hostel reception and saw you making friends with guests. It was inspiring to watch you with people be it young or old. You had a way of making people comfortable and have fun. I went home for vacation a few months ago and of course I told everyone about all the cool Icelanders I had met. But I had to mention this crazy Canadian MF. He was, as many people have said before me: “a fucking legend”.
Not long ago, after you sent me one of your tunes, I sent you a song I loved that reminded me of you. I thought you would like it. Turns out, you did, and started looking for other songs by the band. I’ll finish this message off with a live version of the song. It’s about fulfilling your dreams, about living the way you want to live… which I think is something you inspired the people around you to do.