Al Collis

Para Hiking BC style

Grampa Dave came into my life a handfull of years ago. To start with I didnt know that Lucas was Grampa Dave but never the less the old fella was very likable. We flew from the same launch and drank beer and scotch together at the LZ.
Eventually i asked the old guy if he would like to hike up to the miller ridge launch with overnight gear and camp out before flying off the next morning. ” How hard can it be” he said in his gruff voice. Well he found out, to say he was tired was an understatement( if he was a horse we would of shot him:)) However he tenaciously kept on going, slow and steady, resting occasionally but giving up was never on the books for Grampa. We topped out just after dark and sat having a dram together.
He must of had a short memory cos he came back the next year and hiked to the rainbow launch with me.
Grampa Dave was one Tenacious old MF. I will miss you old Goat, you came into my life and left so quickly but you left a big loving impression on me. Fly high my friend