Spyros Paizes

A piece of my heart is broken, but thanks for sharing your heart with us… U will be in our hearts forever MF!!

So many wonderful stories of this old goat…

I remember picking him up one night late at the airport here in South Africa, he had one request, “BRING me beers MF for the ride home”…. He emerged from the arrival area wearing his jeans and an embroidered denim jacket, looking like a hippie who had a huge party the night before and he proceeded to tell me of the mushrooms he brought with, but was never phased about customs as he would have mentioned that he went camping the night before and somehow they landed in his sleeping bag.

Lived life to the fullest and had time for all..

The last two days have been tough, knowing you won’t be here with us anymore, but today I smile, for I got to meet a wonderful man who was like a dad to me… my man crush… always in my heart MF!!!