Ann Blackburn

Dave was a true Renaissance man. He was always up for any adventure and he always had a great story or two to tell. A favourite was how he lost his index finger by chopping it off with a posthole digger and of course then the dog ate it!!!

I knew him when he lived on Ronson Road near Mountain, Ontario, Canada. He built many beautiful eco-friendly homes in our area with his company, Solstar Enterprises.

I still own the home we bought from him in 1989 where Meaghan grew up . My son now lives there happily in the woods!

When he moved to South Africa to be closer to Meaghan and her family we kind of lost touch but I will never forget him.   So sorry we did not have a chance to reconnect in person but I’m sure we will meet again one day.

My thoughts, prayers, best wishes and heartfelt memories are with you, Meaghan and all who knew him!!  XO