One early morning in May I was heading to Amsterdam to pick up Grandpa Dave, he was coming back to Iceland after having spent the winter in South Africa.
We had good tailwind and arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule in Amsterdam and after landing I went inside the terminal to say hi to Grandpa but he was nowhere to be found so I went back on board the airplane to prepare for the departure and got the news from my copilot that the fueling guy was for some reason unable to get any fuel inside our fuel tanks so we had to call a ground mechanic to look at the problem.
All this would take some time and we where looking at a least one hour delay.
Finely refueling was started and I gave the ground staff OK for passengers boarding and rushed back into the terminal to find Grandpa, who was nowhere to be found as before so I went to the check in desk and told the lady there, I was expecting a friend of mine to be on the flight and wanted to know if he had already checked in or not.
No problem said the lovely lady at the desk, what is your friends name?
“Grandpa Dave” aaahhh fuck, what was Grandpa’s real  name?;
So I said to the lady, sorry  I have to hurry and went back on board and hoped the old man would show up in time.
A little later fueling was complete and almost all the passenger where on board, only one guy missing and the ground staff was already looking for his checked-in luggage to off load, if he did not show up pretty soon.
Aaaahhh fuck you MF it looked like I had to leave the MF behind I thought and stood up from my seat to have a look at back of the airplane and there I saw him, this rugged old man he had just entered the plane slightly intoxicated and had a problem getting past one of the flight attendants who did not want to allow him to enter Saga Class and visit me in the cockpit, I signaled her to let him go and met him halfway in the middle of an almost full Saga Class, where he gave me a big hug, held me tight in his strong arms and said quite loudly in his strong whisky voice.