Anita Hafdís Björnsdóttir

I first met Grampa Dave because Pete thought the best way to get out of trouble for messing up his first Paragliding lesson appointment, would be to send him a blonde Icelandic chick. So off I went, in a beat up old pick-up truck, to the adventure it was to meet Dave for the first time.

Being new to South African roads it took me an hour to find Dave, but finally found him waiting patiently, and Pete was right. We then spent the day paradriving between Cape Town and Hermanus, looking for a suitable place to groundhandle. I can’t remember if we got any training done or where we ended up exactly, but I remember we had the best time being in the moment and each others company.

Everytime I met Dave was a new adventure. He knew how to dance like no one was watching, and I think that is what I love most about him 💔

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